typography / fabrication / 3D modeling
Painstakingly cast out of resin, these house number designs, based on the typeface Din, are a representation of the beauty of natural distortion that is created from water waves.
I photographed a laminated sheet of numbers being distorted by moving water waves. The best results were vectorized, and modeled in Fusion 360 to create 3D renderings. The renders were 3D printed, when I then made silicone molds of the prints. Resin was then cast in the molds and the final numbers were created. 
Special thanks to Sam Medeiros, Bobby Ngo, Ari Dena, Jonathan Torres, and Ivy Walsh for their assistance in the production of this piece.
Certificate of Typographic Excellence - Type Director's Club 64th Annual Competition
Shortlisted finalist for the Communication Arts 2018 Typography competition.
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